Changes are coming to your Internet Banking Experience!

Effective October 17th, your Internet Banking will have a new modern look and feel. We have been working behind the scenes to improve our members banking experience with us and this is the fruit of that labor. We will also be adding several new features in the coming months, so return to this webpage in the future for more info. Some of our members may be required to update their Login ID or Security Code in order to meet the new security standards. The following are some of the guidelines that members will have to follow if they are asked to update their login information. Logon ID minimum length is six (6) characters. Our members may not use their Member Number, SSN, or Email Address as their Logon ID. A Security Code (password) will be

  • Case sensitive
  • Minimum of nine characters
  • Maximum of sixteen characters
  • At least one (1) upper case letter
  • At least one (1) lower case letter
  • At least one (1) number
  • At least one (1) special character !@#$%^*&
  • Cannot re-use past ten security codes.
  • Must not have spaces.
  • Must not have same character used three times in a row.
  • Must not have more than six sequential characters from Logon ID – Cannot contain the last four digits of the Social Security Number
  • Cannot contain month and day of birth date.
  • Cannot contain the word password.
  • Cannot contain the word password with a “zero” for the letter “O”.
  • Cannot contain “Fiserv” in any case combination.
  • Cannot contain QWERTY in any case combination.
  • Cannot contain 123456, abc, or asdf.